Welcome to the website of HeNTAi, one of the biggest clubs in Tampere University!

Our activities include: - Watching anime in the clubroom or sometimes in lecture halls - Hanging out at the clubroom - Occasional projects, like a building a giant mecha - Hosting events, like grilling or sauna. - Attending events, like Tracon. - Watching movies in lecture halls.

Current series

We watch two concurrent series chosen by our hosts on Fridays. Time and place is usually at 17:15 in our clubroom. Check our calendar for episodes we are watching on specific Friday.

HNTA Anime nights are finished for the year

See you next year!

Cory in the House

Cory Baxter moves to the White House in Washington, DC when his father Victor, is named the new personal White House chef of the President. [Synopsis by IMDB]

Images courtesy of TMDB.